2013 High Efficiency Equipment Rebates

Thank you to our friends at Snow & Jones Plumbing Supply in Norwell for updating us on some great rebates avilable to homeonwers.


GasNetworks Rebates

GasNetworks is continuing their great rebate program, offering homeowners who install high efficient equipment rebates to help offset the cost.  This program has been extremely popular and is a great way for you to help your clients save money and upgrade to more efficient equipment.


You can review  the 2013 GasNetworks rebates here, The rebates are listed in PDF formats along with the rebate forms and instructions on how to submit. Please stop by a branch or call your salesmen if you have any questions, or need help specifying any equipment.

Also be aware that AHRI released a statement regarding the testing of residential modulating condensing boilers.  Many models are being retested and their efficiency ratings may change.  To learn more, please visit GasNetworks and follow them for updates.


MassSave Rebates

 MassSave offers great rebates for air conditioning, heat pumps, and electric heat.  To learn more about the MassSaves rebates visit their website. Snow and Jones carries the American Heat Pump Water Heater, which features a rebate of $750.


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