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We have chosen these blogs as our “Best of the Blog 2021”

All About Allison

Allison officially joined the Almar team in 2002, but she’s been a part of Almar for much longer. Growing up, her dad, Former Almar President, Terrance Quinn, would take her and her sister around neighborhoods on the South Shore. They would go door to door delivering flyers and really spreading the word. You could find Allison in the planning a remodel, in the field working, and learning about home remodeling from the time she was nine.

Allison took over when Terrance retired and is now one of the co-owners with her husband Craig. “As Almar moves into the future I want to continue to get better about educating people, about creating great homes, and about improving our process and the information that we put out during the process. So, you know what’s happening, when it’s happening, and get your questions answered before you even think to ask them. Because remodeling can be stressful, there are people in your house, there’s disruption, your system gets thrown out of whack, and as much as you think you’re prepared for it- you can never be too prepared for what’s coming down the pipeline. I want to be there to help answer those questions and to give you good resources as we move through the process.” -AQ

All About Craig

Allison and Craig graduated from West Virginia Wesleyan. Craig graduated with a B.A. in Communication and Dramatic Arts. They both moved to Massachusetts post-college. Craig started working in theatrical lighting but began to want a more consistent work schedule. Allison and Terry asked him to join the business in 2004, he was welcomed with open arms to the Almar Team.

When he started at Almar, Craig worked as an Assistant Carpenter. He did that for a few years and then moved into Production Management. As Terry got ready to retire, he trained Craig on sales. Craig really found his niche in sales and loves working with homeowners in this way. All of his former experience moving up the ranks makes him able to really understand the remodeling process and help homeowners make the best decisions for them.

Allison and Craig work together daily and Craig feels that working together helps them focus on growing and building something bigger than them. One of his favorite parts of what he does now is helping homeowners design and dream. He loves going through the remodeling process with homeowners. He says that most homeowners will tell you that dreaming it up is probably the most fun part of the project (other than the finished project of course!)

When he’s not working here with the Almar Team, Craig is often at the Hanson Baseball fields working as an Assistant Coach, helping the Cub Scouts, or enjoying a local craft brew. He also is a co-host of two podcasts- Got Your Ears On? all about West Virginia Sports and Married with a Business alongside Allison.

A Happy Home Addition

We created an elegant master bathroom equipped with a his and her sink and a rainfall shower. We also added a walk-in closet. This closet was a dream for these homeowners, and we are so happy with how it came out. We added on more space in the bedroom and added a bench to sit on to look out of the beautiful windows or read a book.

We transformed a small space that was used as an entryway into the master bedroom into a home office. This is one of our personal favorite spaces from the remodel. We love how the desk is lit by natural light. This space feels like a peaceful nook and is the perfect place to work.

Another space we remodeled in this home is their mudroom. This space was hard for them, and we were able to make this an organized space to serve as an entryway to their home. We love the beautifully installed tiles.

We are so grateful to collaborate with designer Beth Bourque on our projects. Giving our homeowners their dream remodeled home that they deserve is why we do it.

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Project Stalled During Covid! Pushing Through with our Homeowners

We’re able to partner with interior designer Beth Bourque on this project. Beth chose the selections and designed the space! Some of our other trade partners for this remodel include…

The biggest challenge we faced during this remodel was COVID. COVID started during the height of this remodel, and we were delayed for a while because we had to shut down. We were able to get back into the space and finish this remodel. We had Jessica Delaney Photography come out and take photos of the finished space for you, we hope you love this remodel as much as our homeowners and we do. This homeowner is one that we were so happy to have worked with and everyone enjoyed their optimism and ability to push through these challenges.

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Building Permits, Zoning, Setbacks, and Variances

Setbacks are the minimum distance a home must be “set back” from a street, road, river, flood plain, or any other place which is deemed to need protection (like conservation land, wetlands, or animal habitats.)

Any time you are expanding the footprint of a house (i.e additions or decks), you need to meet setbacks. These setbacks are different for each town and each zone within the town.

If your project must be built within a setback, you can apply for a variance. Variances are exceptions to setbacks granted after homeowners present valid reasons for variances. You can prove the value of your home will not go down and will not disrupt any neighbors, wildlife, etc. If a variance is necessary for your project, Almar can assist you with applying for the variance. Once the variance is approved, we can move forward with your building permit application.

When it comes to Building Permits, when you’re working with Almar, we will apply for all necessary permits and keep in contact with the local Board of Health, Conservation Department, and Building Department.

Once construction begins on your project, the Building Department, Board of Health, or Conservation Department can and will check on the project as it is being built to ensure that we are building to code, and everything is running smoothly.

Call us today if you have any questions regarding your project and planning your remodel! Our team members will be happy to help and answer any questions. Contact Almar (781-826-2577) and watch our videos.

Allison Guido

Almar's CEO has over 20 years of experience in the remodeling industry. She is constantly learning and looking for ways to improve our homeowners' remodeling process and experience. Her mission is to break the Contractor Stereo Type and provide a great product at a good price for our homeowners.