South Shore Women’s Business Network brings women entrepreneurs together to form ‘Dream Home Alliance’

The Almar Team is pleased to share this Press Release by Jennifer Logue (of McCauley Logue Communications) from the South Shore Women’s Network about the Dream Home Alliance that Almar Building & Remodeling is part of.



Katie Howard is used to hearing stories about how the South Shore Women’s Business Network has helped local entrepreneurs make business connections and advance their careers.

Recently, however, Howard – the network’s executive director – witnessed the power of the network in action, when five SSWBN members joined forces to create a new, more formal business collaboration known as the Dream Home Alliance.

“The collaboration among these five separate businesses really demonstrates what the South Shore Women’s Business Network is all about,” Howard said. “They recognized that by networking and collaborating, they could help each other build their businesses and better serve their clients at the same time.”

The Dream Home Alliance brings together five women-owned businesses involved in the design, construction and decorating of homes:  Paulette O’Connell of Scituate’s OCO architecture::design LLC; Allison Guido of Almar Building & Remodeling in Hanover; Nancy O’Keefe of Plymouth-based Picture Perfect Home Interiors; Teresa Tavares and Tina Sousa-Vieira of Inspiring Windows in Hanover; and Sutton Fleming of Fauxbulous Custom Finishes in Raynham. Working together, the companies can offer a customer all of the services need to design, build and decorate a home.

“With this one-stop concept, the Dream Home Alliance brings each client a complete, thought-out design project,” said Inspiring Windows’ Tavares.

Almar Building’s Guido credits Tavares and Sousa-Vieira with coming up with the idea for the companies to join forces.

“When Inspiring Windows moved in next door to Almar and joined SSWBN, I went over to welcome them,” said Guido, a longtime SSWBN member. “They shared their desire to create an alliance of complementary businesses, where we could work together to market and service all of our clients from start to finish.”

Drawing on their connections through the South Shore Women’s Business Network, the trio soon recruited O’Connell, O’Keefe and Fleming to help form the Dream Home Alliance. And the fact that all of the businesses are women-owned is a plus, they say.

“Many women take the lead on home improvement projects, and it can be nerve wracking dealing with projects while managing a household,” OCO’s O’Connell said. “The Dream Home Alliance, like SSWBN, is made up of professional women who bring relate-ability, creativity and a woman’s touch to home improvement projects.”

Fleming of Fauxbulous Custom Finishes agreed. “I love collaborating with a group of other designing women who have the same goals,” she said. “It brings my clients a much richer experience.”

Ultimately, Dream Home Alliance members say, it is the client who will benefit from their collaboration.

“By leveraging our connections through the South Shore Women’s Business Network,” O’Keefe of Picture Perfect Interiors said, “we can pool our resources, have a broader reach and help more people.”

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The South Shore Women’s Business Network is the region’s premier networking organization. Comprised of more than 300 business professionals that encompass a wide range of industries, SSWBN is dedicated to helping its members make valuable business connections through monthly networking breakfasts and luncheons, professional development seminars and workshops, and business roundtables. SSWBN also offers educational and leadership opportunities within the network while generating new business for its members through member referrals. For more information, visit

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