Scituate: 5 Tips for Managing your Renovation during the Holidays.

by: Allison Q Guido, CS I always tell clients before we get started on their renovation that it will be an emotional roller coaster an very quickly many clients realize I am right. And there is no harder time to have your Renovation underway than during the holidays. There are times when you are very excited and then times when you are just ready for it to be done and over with. Emotions … [Read more...]

South Shore Women’s Business Network brings women entrepreneurs together to form ‘Dream Home Alliance’

The Almar Team is pleased to share this Press Release by Jennifer Logue (of McCauley Logue Communications) from the South Shore Women's Network about the Dream Home Alliance that Almar Building & Remodeling is part of.   *** Katie Howard is used to hearing stories about how the South Shore Women’s Business Network has helped local entrepreneurs make business connections and advance … [Read more...]

Dream Home Seminar: Planning and Paying for Your Home Imporvement

Planning and Paying for Your Home Improvement Almar Building was pleased to be asked by The Dream Home Alliance to open their 2013 Seminar Series. So Please Join us: January 12, 2013at 10:00am The Weymouth Club 75 Finnell Dr. Weymouth Your home is one of the largest and most important assets in your life. Maintenance and remodeling can keep it running well and fit your lifestyle for a … [Read more...]