What is Unsuitable Soil in Construction?

Planning for the unexpected When planning an addition or new home there are a lot of things to consider. After 60 years of remodeling in Massachusetts, our team has seen a lot and has a lot of tails to tell. But every now and then, something new comes up even for us. We often get…

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What Do I Need to Think about Considering an Addition?

Hingham Mudroom Garage Addition

I recently saw on social media someone asking this question, addition planning is a huge undertaking and there is a lot to consider. We have lots of additional great articles here in the newsroom related to this topic, I thought we should add another one with five specific suggestions. These suggestions are from my point…

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5 Accessories to Include in your Custom Tile Shower

Kitchen & Mudroom project photo

When you are thinking about what features to include in your bathroom remodel, a custom tile shower is a popular option. Tile bathrooms are both visually appealing, durable, and easy to clean as well. These qualities are important to many homeowners when designing their shower space. If you are choosing to install a custom tiled…

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