Deck Safety Tips for the 4th of July

Fourth of July is a time for family, friends, and barbecues as we celebrate our nation’s independence. Many of us spend the day outdoors on our decks with our loved ones. Protecting your home and family is a top priority on this holiday. Here are some great deck safety tips to practice in the days leading up to the Fourth of July.

Protecting your home and your family is of top priority here are some deck safety tips from our Almar Team in Hanover Ma.

Annual Deck Inspection

It’s important to do annual deck checkups and a great time of year to do them is when preparing for summer get togethers! Here are some things to look out for when checking on your decks safety annually…

  1. Split or decaying wood: Check and make note of the state of your decks wood. Is any of the wood split or decaying?
  2. Flashing: Flashing prevents water from seeping into your house from your deck. To check your decks flashing, observe water or rain hit the flashing… if it moves to the ground instead of going into the wood or your house, it’s working correctly.
  3. Loosening or corroded fasteners: Make sure all the bolts, nails, screws, and encores are holding your deck uncompromised.
  4. Railing and banisters: Be sure to check the stability of your railings and banisters.
  5. Cleaning and maintenance: clean away leaves and debris to prevent mildew and slipping.
  6. Grills, fire pits, chimney, heaters, and candles: Be sure these are pulled away from railings and surfaces that could be potential fire hazards.
  7. Lighting and electrical: all electrical outlets and features are up to code. For the 4th of July, it’s worth it to childproof your outdoor outlets.
  8. Outdoor furniture & storage: check that all of your outdoor furniture is sturdy and in good condition.
  9. Surrounding trees: If you have trees over your deck, check for branches that might fall and remove them.
  10. If the deck frame is in good shape but its time to upgrade take a look at Azek by TimberTech decking! Azek has some of the most often used deck selections among our homeowners.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, checking up on your deck annually is great practice for home safety. If you’re looking for a deck remodel or renovations reach out to us at Almar Building & Remodeling (781-826-2577).

Craig Guido

With 20 years of remodeling experience both in the field and working in collaboration with homeowners to develop remodeling projects designed to fit your lifestyle.