Pantry Design Ideas

A kitchen pantry is a great way to organize and store food and other items. You can choose the perfect design pantry for your kitchen.

Kitchens are often the heart of the home. A lot of our homeowners design their renovations with the kitchen in mind as the center of the design. If you are remodeling your kitchen, you may be looking for pantry design ideas. The kitchen is a place of gathering, community, culture, and family. Our pantries are essential for storage, organization, and style.

When designing a kitchen pantry space, we want to include storage, workspaces, and extend the style of the kitchen design to create a cohesive space. Andria Kieffer is a kitchen designer and she is a helpful resource for our homeowners to help design kitchens to our homeowners liking. Our previous blog talks about the option for a Virtual Reality Kitchen Design Experience at Cape Cod Lumber. This is a great way to help get ideas for what you might want your space to end up looking like. This feature transports you to the finished project.


Kitchen shelving is a great, versatile, and less spacious way to design a kitchen space.

Pantry Shelving Design Ideas– Pinterest Board


Cabinets can be customized and there are a lot of different options to choose from. Our kitchen designers that we work with can help you make this decision.

Cabinet Design Ideas– Pinterest Board


Good Kitchen design equals making the most of your kitchen space, especially when incorporating appliances that take up a lot of space.

Pantry Appliance Storage– Pinterest Board


Lighting is a big aspect of kitchen design and pantry space design! A great article to reference is one we made on task lighting: here.

Pantry Lighting Ideas– Pinterest Board


We want our pantries to be accessible to us, we don’t want to be searching for a long time for the tool or ingredient we need in the kitchen. Good organization is important when talking about accessibility.

Pantry Organization Ideas– Pinterest Board

What idea’s do you have in mind for your pantry? Contact Almar today (781-826-2578) for your dream kitchen remodel.

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