Why Do I Need A Plot Plan?

When you receive a project scope from Almar you will see a line that says, “Owner to provide Almar with Certified Plot Plan to submit with Building Permit Application” and often get asked as why this is on there.  

Even if it might not be obviously needed for your particular project having the plan may help with laying out a plan of entry, dumpster or stock location, and even let us know if you have a close neighbor who’s property might be closer than we think.  Many interior projects like, kitchens, baths, basements, do not require you to supply the town with a plot plan for the project, but there are many projects that do.

What is a plot plan? 
It is the document that shows you where you house is located on the property you own. When you buy or build a home, this document is required to be given to you in your mortgage paperwork.  Sometime these are new and sometimes they may be from when the home was built or last sold.  These plot plans are sometime referred to as ‘mortgage plans.

When might I need to supply a plot plan to get a permit? 
This can be a little tricky from town to town.   Each town building department may have differing requirements and regulation regarding plot plans. Whenever you are doing an addition or enlarging a deck, you will almost definitely need a plot plan, and even a new one that will show the town what and where the new space if going.

The rule of thumb used to be you need a plot plan if you are changing the foot print of the house, but that is no longer the case. Many towns requirement you to provide one anytime you do exterior work.  

This is likely because the town wants to make sure that a structure/addition/deck hasn’t been built onto the house without them knowing and encroach on the lot lines.

Plot plan will also help the town understand if you are building in the ‘build able area’ of your property.   While you own all the way to the property line of your house, and pay taxes for it, you cannot build right to that property line.  Every town has “setbacks”… set backs are the allowable distance that you are allowed to build to the property line.   Every town and even every street in a town may have different setbacks.  

For these reasons, we always ask our homeowner if they have a plot plan and even sometimes prepare them for having to invest in a new plot plan for the project they are considering.

Our team has been working with families like yours for over 60 years. And it is important to use that everyone works together to create the best possible remodeling experience. While we can not create plots plans, you will need an engineer to do that, we can certainly help point you in he right directions as we go thru the planning process.

If you have questions about your home improvement project or would like more information Contact Almar: (781-826-2577) and watch our videos: http://www.youtube.com/almarbuilding

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Craig Guido

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