Why cable rails might be right for your deck.

Cable Rails, Halifax Ma
Cable Railings

Spending time in your outdoor living space you may want to be able to see as much of the nature that surrounds you as possible. While most homeowners choose to select the standard balusters if you are looking for a safe option with more of a view one option to consider would be Cable Railings.

Although the price point on cable rails is higher (because of both labor and material needs) this is a great choice if you are in the woods or on the water.

A cable rail system like Feeney can be utilized in conjunction with many railing systems. We typically pair it with a system like the TimberTech Radiance or Premiere railing systems, where you can choose from several different color options. But you can also pair them with a metal railing frame or just standard pressure treated railings as well.

Cable options are sleek and safe, they can provide you with the need barrier while still blending into the background to create more of an unobstructed view. From a structural standpoint, cable systems are some of the safest and most durable guardrails available.

Because they are not as bulky as typical balusters in small spaces, they can help make the space feel more open and less closed in. The slender size allows for maximum view of the surrounding area.

While glass can also give the open space, the glass tends top become grimy and dirty, which can disrupt the view and make more work because of the need to clean.

Now you should also consider the fact that there is some easy maintenance that will be require, although you done have to clean like glass since this type of system uses tension to keep the cables in place, it will need a wrench every once in a while to make sure they stay in place.

With the right installation cables railings offer both the safety, visibility, and least amount of cleaning than some of the other options available which appeals to many homeowners.  If a cable system is an option, you would like to explore our team let us know what specific questions you might still have.

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