Pembroke: How to tell if you need a new roof

By: Allison Guido, CS

Like most products roofing has a shelf life. If properly installed and ventilated, most asphalt roof shingles should out last the warranted life span listed. But there are several things that can limit a roofs life and there are ways of telling if it’s time to consider having some work done to your roof.



  1. The age of the shingles. You will find many shingles will perform for 5-10 years longer than the listed time on the warranty, but after that date it is best to keep an eye out for problems. Shingles installed over existing shingles will not last as long as if they were installed on a single layer.
  1. Visually inspect your roof for missing, cracked, torn or shingles that have lost their granules.Watch for build ups of shingle granules especially in the gutters and where the downspouts dump out. This indicates that the shingles are losing their protective coating. (granules keep the asphalt in place)
  1. Look for any places where the roof surface dips or sags, this is a sign of rotted sheathing and it is usually caused by mold due to roof leaks.

Don’t jump ahead and assume you need a new roof if you have a leak. Insure that the problem is the roofing and not gutters backing up or downspouts clogged with leaves and pine needles.

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