Window Safety Tips

By: Nicole Patri

Windows are one of the top safety hazards we have in our homes. Unfortunately, based on reports by SafeKids Worldwide, window falls are more common than we might think. On the other hand, windows can be a part of your life escape plan and provide a safe way to escape an emergency. Our kids are our pride and joy, keeping them safe is of the utmost importance. We hope you find these window safety tips helpful.

Here are some tips to help protect children from accidental window falls…

  • Be sure to keep windows on a lock when children are around.
  • If you do want to open windows all the way, make sure open windows are kept out of children’s reach. Open windows that might be too tall for your children to get to. Another option would be to open the top half of the window instead of the bottom if your window allows that.
  • Avoid placing furniture near windows to prevent young children from climbing nears windows. This is something that can sometimes be hard based on the layout of your home. If this is impossible, remember to keep those windows on a lock.
  • Remember that insect screens are not a safety feature. I know it might feel like these screens are a safety feature but please remember that they are not. They are meant to keep bugs out but they aren’t meant to keep children in.
  • Another great safety tip for both children and pets is to choose window coverings and blinds that are cordless.

Here are some tips for your window fire escape plan…

  • One of our best tips is to make sure to have a fire escape plan. Go through scenarios and make sure there is always two ways to get out of a room. This will help ensure safety in case of an emergency.
  • Fire drills are something we seem to only do in school, but you should be practicing them in your home. We recommend practicing your own fire drill in both daytime and nighttime. Make sure to discuss anything that might come up during the drills.
  • Make sure that every member of your family that is old enough knows how to open and close windows that will be used as a fire escape route. This will ensure safety of everyone involved.
  • We see a lot of people purchasing window guards or fall prevention devices for their windows. Make sure that these kinds of devices have quick-release mechanisms.

Read More About Home Safety at The National Safety Council

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