Window Safety Tips

Protecting Your Precious Cargo

Windows are both a blessing and a potential safety concern in our homes. While they offer fresh air and scenic views, falls can happen more often than we think. But don’t worry, they can also be part of your escape plan in an emergency! So what Window Safety Tips should you know about?

Tips to help protect children from accidental window falls…

  • Our top priority: Keeping our little ones safe is paramount.
  • Be proactive: Install safety measures like window guards and stops.
  • Remember: Screens are not strong enough to prevent falls.
  • Think strategically: Keep furniture away from windows to prevent climbing.
  • Open safely: If possible, open windows from the top and keep them locked when not in use.
  • Escape plan: Teach older children about safe window escape in case of emergencies.

Tips for your window fire escape plan…

One of our best tips is to make sure to have a fire escape plan. Go through scenarios and make sure there is always two ways to get out of a room. This will help ensure safety in case of an emergency.

  • Practice fire drills at home, both day and night. Discuss what everyone should do in case of a fire.
  • Make sure everyone old enough can open and close windows designated as fire escapes. This ensures everyone can escape safely.
  • If you use window guards or fall prevention devices, choose ones with quick-release mechanisms. This allows for easy escape in an emergency.

Read More About Home Safety at The National Safety Council

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