Hanover: Creating Perfect Study Conditions for Your Student

Basement Office OCO Architecture scituate ma (640x457)By: Allison Q Guido (Almar Building & Remodeling Co. Hanover Ma)

As the kids are starting back to school now is a great time to think about their learning environment. The classroom is so important, but have you given any thought to the environment where homework and at home learning is done?

As a parent we all want to do whatever e can to enhance our children’s ability to learn. We all want to know the secret to Creating Perfect Study Conditions for Your Student. Many children do their homework right at the kitchen table. But what problems might we find there? Is it distracting with siblings, household traffic, setting up and taking down for dinner, lack of supplies on hand?

Here are some tips and suggestions for comfortable, well light study spaces.

1. Find a common area that isn’t the kitchen table.
Could you turn another area into a study space/office? Built in cabinets can be customized to give you a nice working area, make the space look neat and allow for storage of all the important supplies your child will need right at hand. Consider an underutilized closet – take the door off, add a work station and an instant office are created without giving up a whole room.

2. Provide enough space.
Finishing a space in the basement could allow for the creation of a nice space as well. An 8×10 space could host a desk, library, and chair for reading. Begin away from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen creates a clam place to focus. L shaped desks or countertops are nice because it can provide a place for both the computer and books.

3. Plenty of shelves.
Shelves or built in cabinets can hold all of the clutter and supplies that your child needs but doesn’t need underfoot. Having supplies easily accessible but not in the way really can cut the chaos down when working.

4. Double Up
Dedicated space per student: Everyone learns differently and has different space for their needs. Be sure that your kids don’t have to share the same desk or table so they can both set up as fits their needs best.

5. Provide the right light
Homeowner should never be done information of the TV. Consider having recessed lights installed in the working area. If possible make natural light a focus of the work space, with efficient replacement windows. (You don’t want your child to be cold working near a drafty window)

For more design and construction ideas for Creating Perfect Study Conditions for Your Student give Almar Building & Remodeling a call. 781-826-2577. Along with our partners at OCO architecture::design, LLC we can create your perfect study space or any other room you need.

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