What could delay the start of my project?

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One of the hardest things to do for any general contractor is scheduling the project.  When we first review our projects with our clients, we have the “dream” that the project will go smooth and easy, but in remodeling that is rarely the case.   While we try to schedule and organize all our projects, sometimes there are out of the contractor’s control when trying to schedule a project. As much as no one wants to talk about these “what-if’s” we feel it is important that be forewarned about what might happen, even if it may not come up.

So, what are some things that could possibly delay your project:


Most of the project we do for our clients will need permits.   Every town that we work with deals with permitting in a different way.   Some building departments will take their permit applications online and some you need to go by in person to apply for permits.   While most building departments are quick (1-2 weeks), they have up to 30 business days to respond to any application for permits.   In that time frame they may ask for additional information or documentation for the project.  We do our best to help expedite the permitting process with our clients, but it can be challenging at time.

Special Variances or approval from Town Departments other than the Building Department:

Sometimes once a Building Permit is submitted with your town, the town committees will ask for ore information or approvals from departments other than just the Building Department. Getting these approvals will delay the Building Department in issuing the permit, which is required for the project to start.

Special Order Materials

Often if there are special order items for a project this can affect the timeline.   Measuring, ordering, production and shipping of any special order items like cabinets, windows, doors, ect.. can fluctuate.   Most of our suppliers will give us date ranges and average times of delivery, but there are always things that may affect the final arrival time.  Our team always tries to keep these timelines in mind when prepping deadlines and schedules, so you are inconvenienced the least amount possible.

Scope Creep

As you probably expect to have happen at your house, you may opt to change or add something to the project as we go along, or we may find something unexpected that needs to be addressed. These changes to the scope of work will affect how long the team initially estimated your project will take. And that might affect the actual start date for the project following yours. So sometimes that will also happen to the project being worked on a head of yours. We do out best to limit scope creep and get your project started as quickly as we can.

Strain on the Industry

The contracting industry has seen a strain the last few years due to a labor shortage.  The past decade has seen the average age of a trades person rise.  This has had an interesting effect on remodeling your home.  Companies likes Almar are always working hard to find the best of the best for residential remodeling and that can sometimes be a challenging. Because we are working on your home, our team is committed to working with team members who are the right fit, and not just anybody we can find. Our trade subcontractors have the same viewpoint, so this can sometimes cause delays and overall strain on our industry.

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We are always working hard to keep you up to date on the ever-changing schedule in our company.   Our team uses several communication methods from our online portal to email and phone calls to communicate with you about the schedule and keep you connected.  

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