Hanover: Home Maintenance Tips, March

Well it seems as if we might have dodged a bullet this winter. We clearly have made out much better than 2015. March hasn’t quite come in like a Lion either. As we start to think about getting outside, and warmer weather we cannot forget to keep up on our next set of Home Maintenance tasks. Having now loved in our house for almost five years there are maintenance tasks we have clearly fallen behind on. As any homeowner knows our house need constant love and attention. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Change the Furnace Filters
    1. You may feel like you just did this, but dust and debris can quickly accumulate over the winter.
  1. Inspect roof for missing, loose, or damaged shingles or leaks.




  1. Check the exterior drainage.
    1. You want to make sure the downspouts are connected properly and draining, and that water is being directed away from the house so that it doesn’t flood the basement. If you have dry-wells make sure that they are clear so that water flows away easily.
  1. Get your Air Condition ready for the summer.
    1. Consider having it service now, before the weather is upon us.
  1. Repair/Replace Damaged window screens.
    1. This is an easy DIY task or there are several places here on the South Shore that can do it for you.
  1. Test Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors
    1. Last month we suggested that you change the batteries Carbon monoxide can be lethal, be sure your alarms are working.
  1. Flush Hot water heater and remove sediment.
    1. According to WikiHow to do Anything, “Water heaters should be flushed every one to three years depending on the model and water source. This helps to control the buildup of mineral deposits. Your water heater will operate more efficiently and this will usually extend the life of the heater.”
  1. Clean Dishwashers.
    1. Many people do not know that their dishwasher should be cleaned. It is important to pull the traps and remove any extra food or debris in order to keep the drains and system functioning properly.
    2. I recently used a video I found on youtube to help walk me thru how to access and clean my traps. It was the first time we have done it since we moved in and all in took me about 30 minutes. In the future I expect it would take far less time because it will need less work. https://youtu.be/UF-h0V2LYEU
  2. Clean garbage disposal
    1. Crush Ice, baking soda, Citrus rinds – this will help eliminate odors.


As we have said before like regular oil changes, physical and showering spending a little bit of time each month to do some basic work around the house could end up saving you thousands in the long run. It can be a long list and look daunting, that’s why over the next few months we will try and break it down to smaller action items to tackle.

Kitchen Renovation, Hanson

Kitchen Renovation, Hanson

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