Should I add a Gas Fireplace?

Bay-41-G Bayport Gas Fireplace

Winter is coming. As we have been working thru design options with some homeowners we’ve been talking about how they want their living room to not only feel warm, but look warm, but all that work of chopping wood and starting a fire just does not appeal to them. Sound familiar? When this is the case one option to consider is just flipping a switch and have a fire?  Well that is possible with a gas fireplace.

But what if you do not have any natural gas run to your house?  Not a problem, most models of gas fireplaces can also be supported by liquid propane or LP.   Any house can have a small propane tank installed at your home to allow for smaller propane appliances.  Tanks can be placed most anywhere near your house to supply the gas fireplace.

What about making the venting work? There are many ways that gas fireplaces can vent out of your home.   Some can just direct vent out the back of the unit on the wall of your home and others can vent through the roof of your home or in a built-in chimney.   You can even have a brick or stone look to the installation of your gas fireplace to make it look more like a traditional fireplace on both the interior and exterior of the installation.   You can also go with a more modern look with a tiled surround with a simple wood mantle around your fireplace.

If you already have a wood burning fireplace but are tired of all the hassle of starting and maintain a fire in the existing firebox.   We can also look at gas fireplace inserts.  These are designed to just fit into your existing fireplace box and vent through the existing chimney in your home.   It is generally easy to run a gas line and electrical into the locate through the chimney to allow for a cost effective and easy installation.

So think about some of these tips and let us know what other questions you have our team is always here to help and guide you thru the process, and we can connect you with a local showroom to choose your perfect gas fireplace.

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