Celebrating Women in Construction Month

Building Dreams, Breaking Barriers

March isn’t just about blooming flowers and shamrocks; it’s also Women in Construction Month! This time each year, we celebrate the incredible women who are defying stereotypes and shaping the future of the building industry. And who better to embody this spirit than our very own Allison Guido, President and CEO of Almar Building & Remodeling? So join us in Celebrating Women in Construction Month.

Allison Guido

Celebrating 20 Years

For over 20 years, Allison has been at the helm of Almar, leading a team of talented professionals who transform homes and lives. In a field traditionally dominated by men, she’s carved her own path, proving that vision, dedication, and resilience can propel you to the top.

“It wasn’t always easy,” admits Allison. “There were moments when I felt like an outsider, navigating a male-centric environment. I’ll admit I’ve had a chip on my shoulder. But I was determined to succeed, and I’ve found strength in the support of other women in construction.”

Allison‘s journey is an inspiration to us all. She embodies the tenacity, innovation, and collaborative spirit that are hallmarks of women in construction. But her impact goes beyond personal success. She actively mentors aspiring women, encouraging them to break down barriers and pursue their dreams.

We are Proud

Here at Almar, we’re proud to celebrate our female team members, from Trade Partners and designers to managers and administrative professionals. They all play a vital role in crafting beautiful, functional spaces that elevate our homeowner’s lives.

This Women in Construction Month, let’s:

  • Acknowledge the contributions of women in construction. Let’s celebrate their achievements and recognize their vital role in shaping our built environment.
  • Support initiatives that empower women in the industry. From mentoring programs to scholarships, there are many ways to help women thrive in this field.
  • Challenge gender stereotypes. Let’s break down the barriers that prevent women from pursuing careers in construction.

According to Allison

“The construction industry needs the talents and perspectives of women. We bring different strengths and ideas to the table, and that’s what makes our industry stronger and more innovative.”

So, this March, join us un celebrating women in construction month and the women who are building our future, one brick at a time! And if you’re considering a home improvement project, choose a company that values diversity and empowers women, like Almar Building & Remodeling. Together, we can build a more inclusive and successful construction industry for everyone.

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