Getting to know Craig Guido

Craig H Guido, Almar Building
Craig H Guido

I joined the Almar team in 2004 as a Carpenter and have held several different positions in the company since that time to get a well-rounded view of Remodeling and Sales.

In 2002 I moved to Massachusetts from West Virginia where I was born and raised, having studied Communications and Theatrical Lighting Design at West Virginia Wesleyan College. I worked for several years in radio in West Virginia as an On-Air Personal and a Program Manager of three small radio stations. Where I learned a lot about managing a small team.

Once Allison graduated from College, and moved back to Hanson, I decided it was time for a change and so when I first moved to the South Shore, I worked for a Film and theatrical lighting company before joining the Almar team.

I was worried when I left the Concert Lighting industry that I would have a hard time finding an outlet for my creativity in Remodeling, but have come to find that I can be even more creative with helping people design and build while remodeling their homes.

I like working with homeowners to help create spaces that are functional for their family’s needs not and into the future. Our goal at Almar and my goal personally is to make sure I give homeowners plenty of information so they can make a wise choice for their budget and their family’s needs. I understand that Almar and our process isn’t necessarily the best for everyone. But I want to make sure they utilize all the resources we have available to make a safe choice when choosing a professional remodeling company.

Outside of work I like to dabble in lots of different hobbies but first and foremost is spending time with my 2 boys. I have been lucky enough to coach their baseball team and help with their Cub Scout Dens.  Since the boys have learned to ride their bikes, we have been trying to do a lot more family riding both around the neighborhood and one some rail trails. I’ve found it to be peaceful to be out on the path with nature.

I also enjoy playing guitar (and reliving my younger days when I played in bands) I am looking forward to teaching the boys how to play instruments. I am an avid Vinyl Record collector having a collection that covers all genres from Jazz, Rock, and Country. I’m also craft brew fan and have been homebrewing for many years.  Since having my kids, I have really gotten into Photography as a hobby, not only taking pictures of my kids, but taking shots of landscapes, portraits and especially the Almar projects that we finish for our clients. You can see some of my photography on Instagram @TheGweedoe

Remodeling can be an overwhelming experience, so I hope help homeowner’s work thru the process and hopefully help make the planning and execution a little easier by working with someone who they trust and who can feel like a knowledgeable friend.

While many houses are the same, the way people live their houses is different, and it is so fun to help our clients figure out the best and most creative ways to make their house… they home!

If you have questions about any size Home Improvement projects, please let me know. Our team has been working with families like yours for over 65 years. And it is important to us that everyone works together to create the best possible experience. If you have questions about your home improvement project please let us know. (781-826-2577)

Craig Guido

With 20 years of remodeling experience both in the field and working in collaboration with homeowners to develop remodeling projects designed to fit your lifestyle.