Planning a Kitchen Renovation: Part 4 – Flooring Options

Kitchen remodeling will increase the design, function and resale value of a home.

When shopping for a home, most people start in the kitchen. It’s the most important room from a functionality and design standpoint. If you plan to sell within 3 to 5 years, focus on a small kitchen renovation that updates a few main areas, such as the cabinets and the countertop. If you plan to stay for 7 to 10 years, you may want to add in appliances and some new tile.

Over the previous posts we discussed Cabinet Styles, Counters, Budgets, and now we will look at some various flooring styles.

Flooring materials are more varied than ever before. In 2015 we saw most of our clients choose either Hardwood, or tile for their floors. Remember your kitchen is a High Traffic area, and you’ll have dirt from the outside entry door. You should choose something that is easy to clean because spills are common while cooking. And non-slip flooring is always good idea. Your options include: Vinyl & Linoleum, Ceramic, Quarry, or Stone Tile and wood.

Economical, but customers should choose the best grade their budget allows, due to the high traffic on kitchen floors. If they select a wood or stone pattern, it should have as little repeat as possible. In the event of a dropped glass or dish, a resilient floor like vinyl has more bounce and may prevent breakage. Remember, a deeply textured pattern may be harder to clean.

Linoleum: Popular once again because it can be made from natural or “green” materials, linoleum should also be chosen in a quality grade with a good warranty.

Ceramic, Quarry, or Stone Tile: Some of the options include a slip-resistant finish, and glazed versus unglazed tile. (Glazed is less porous and more stain-resistant). Darker grout makes it easier to maintain. Stone tile needs to be sealed to prevent stains. You’ll need an adequate sub-floor to support the weight of stone or ceramic tiles.

Wood: Wood flooring is typically coated with polyurethane for moisture protection. Make sure you are aware of the qualities of different wood species, and the maintenance required and wear issues before you make a selection.

Remodeling is a rewarding and yes stressful process. Besides adding value to your home a good kitchen remodel will increase the functionality your house and make your home more enjoyable.


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