Preparing for Your Deck Project

Having your contractor at your house working on making improvements is an exciting event, but often people soon cannot wait to have the project done and the crews gone. Spending some time to get things in order before the project starts will help you make things run smoother on your end. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your upcoming project deck project.  

  • Personal Items. If you have an existing deck with stuff on or under it, you will want to clear it out of the work area to protect it. You may want to rent a storage unit or one of those Storage Pods to hold everything while we are working.
  • Access to the house/work area. During the planning phase it is always a good idea to talk to your contractor about the best way to have access to the work area, electrical and water. At Almar we typically set up a lock box with a key so we will not have to bother you every time we need to stop by. As easy as it may be for you to let us in if necessary, there are always those times when you cannot be available. And having a key will make things run smoother for everyone.
  • Pets: If you have pets, you should make sure they are kept away from the work area during the project, especially when the crews are on site. And let the crews know what your plan for the animals will be.
  • Point of Contact:Ask your contractor who you should communicate questions to and expect updates from as the project gets going. At Almar once your contract is signed the planning and execution of your project will move to the Production Team, so your salesperson will still be involved but your main point of contact will become our Production Team.  
  • Sprinklers: If you have a sprinkler system you will want to turn it off while crews are working to cut down on the amount of mud created and to protect the system form possible damage.

You should have your sprinkler company evaluate the system prior to the start of work and have the lines blown out, sprinkler heads and or lines moved/removed or any other work necessary to protect the system in the work area.

  • Stock, Dumpster & Porta-Potty: During the planning phase, be sure to discuss with the crew where the best place will be to put stock, dumpster, and porta-potty. In many cases the dumpster and porta-potty companies will need a solid surface to place them on.   

A new or recovered deck has lots of features and will look great for a long time allowing you to enjoy your outdoor living space. Being prepared as the project gets started will allow you to enjoy the process more, and hopefully thinking about some of these items before you get started will help you be more prepared.

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Craig Guido

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