5 Tips to keep your kids safe during a home renovation

By: Allison Q Guido (Almar Building & Remodeling Co. Hanover Ma)

A home improvement project can be fun and exciting for parents but also dangerous for your little ones if you aren’t careful. Just like when your baby started moving and you “baby proofed” when you start a renovation you also need to “kid proof” the work area to keep them safe.

child tool safety When there is something new and exciting happening kids (and adults) of all ages want to check it out, explore, touch and see what’s happening – an construction site looks like a giant playground to kids. It’s important that you talk to your kids about staying out the of renovation area because they don’t understand the safety issues. They just see something new – a big pile of dirt from excavation, a hole from digging a footing which is waiting to be inspected, electrical wires which are in the process of being installed. It all screams TOUCH ME to a kid.

With over 50 years of experience working with homeowners on the South Shore, Almar Building & Remodeling knows that there are lots of things to consider depending on your specific project but here are 5 Tips to keep your kids safe during a home renovation.


  1.  KEEP OUT  – Designate a play area outside the work area, If there isn’t a division in the work site and living area set up by your contractor then create one yourself and let the kids know the boundary line.  “The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) recommends designating an area away from the work site for play and toy storage. And be sure to explain to your children which areas are off limits and that they should never mess around with materials or the contractors’ tools and machinery.”[1]
  2. Create new “Self – Serve Station”: If you are remodeling your kitchen and the kids are used to coming and going and helping themselves, set up a new snack area with mini-fridge outside the work area.
  3. Communicate with your Contractor: If your kids are home while the crews are working make sure that the carpenter’s onsite are aware that there are little ones around so they can be extra cautious. Kids like to watch (and sometimes help) and asks carpenters tons of questions so make sure that the crew is aware of your designated play area and can send them back there.
  4. Don’t leave your children unattended: Wires, tools, equipment, stock, dust, noise, etc…. Never leave a child unattended if you are having work done.  Carpenters are there to work not babysit. Carpenters should not have to be concerned about children being underfoot, that creates an unsafe work area for both your children and the carpenters who then cannot concentrate on that they are doing.
  5. Check the floor: Your contractor should leave the work area fairly clean, but remember it’s a work site there will be dust, dirt, debris etc…you should always just double check the floor before you or kids enter the work area. And never walk around barefoot during a renovation.

Your whole family should be aware and be cautious while living through a renovation because exposed wires, unfinished flooring and loose items, such as nails, can be hidden dangers in the workspace. With these 5 Tips to keep your kids safe during a home renovation you can certainly be one step closer.

My family has been working with families like yours for over 50 years. And it is important to use that everyone works together to create the best possible remodeling experience. We never want to see someone get hurt in your home. If you have questions about your home improvement project or would like more safety tips please Contact Almar: https://www.almarbuilding.com (781-826-2577) And watch our videos: http://www.youtube.com/almarbuilding

[1] Consumer Reports article, July 2006 “Playing it  Safe”

Craig Guido

With 20 years of remodeling experience both in the field and working in collaboration with homeowners to develop remodeling projects designed to fit your lifestyle.