Choosing “Wood Look” Tile vs Real Hardwood

A question many homeowners like yourself have been asking about during design planning is what our thoughts on the wood looking porcelain tile vs using real hardwood flooring for a project.   Like most products, there are pros and cons for each option.

Here in New England, hardwood flooring is traditional in both style and design.  Many of homeowners on our projects want to try and match or patch existing flooring.  With Oak floor (red and white) being the most popular types of flooring used in our region, we tend to find that using wood flooring is your best option to match you existing flooring.

Sometimes though tile might be a better fit based on the room or space being remodeled.  If you are thinking of finishing a basement area or maybe a kitchen; porcelain tile might be a better option for application.  Because of the inherent moisture that is in a basement, hardwood flooring is generally not a recommended product to install.   Sometimes in kitchen areas you may want to have that hardwood look but want a floor style that is more durable to spills over time.

There are times, when tile can give you a more exotic look to your floor for a better price.  Some specialty hardwoods for flooring can be costly and tile can be a way to get that look for less cost.  Also, overtime maintenance on porcelain tiles is much less than hardwood.  Hardwood will need to be refinished which could add to the overall costs of the flooring over its life. One benefit to refinishing though is it will allow you to have the opportunity to change the color of your floor.

While there are many applications for each option, give Almar a call to help you investigate what option might be best for your home.  

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Craig Guido

With 20 years of remodeling experience both in the field and working in collaboration with homeowners to develop remodeling projects designed to fit your lifestyle.