Can I put my trash in the project dumpster?

Construction Dumpster

NO! Ok, that may sound a little harsh, but let us talk about it some more. 

Cleaning out and decluttering before a renovation is a great idea and you can and should work with your contractor if you need help with a dumpster. But you should be cautious of filling up the unit meant for the remodel though because those will be sized specifically for the estimated amount of project related debris. We have seen instances where owners have filled the entire dumpster with household debris and then been upset when they have needed to pay for an additional unit for the construction debris.

When our team is estimating your project, we as your contractor are doing our best to keep your costs under control and part of that is to make sure that we select and estimate for the right size dumpster for your project.

When experiencing a home renovation you may want a  dumpster to help clean out the space before we start the project and we can help you with getting a dumpster ordered for you to use before we start our project. Working with a Home Organizer (like Lisa Dooley from Your Organized Life) can also be beneficial to help you make the most of your project.

There are times when you may not need a whole dumpster for what you want to get rid of. When this is the case you can work with our production team to have us supply a slightly larger dumpster than what is needed for the project at an additional cost.

almost full dumpster

There are also times when you just have a few things or maybe even only 1 item, and for that our team typically ask that you wait until the end of the project when we have already used the dumpster for its intended purpose for the project before you put your item into the dumpster.  So, we can leave you whatever space is left to utilize.

Some items are not allowed to be put into the dumpster and/or those items will cause an additional charge on the project.  Mattresses, TVs, Full or partially full paint cans, and air conditioners are just a few of the items that are not allowed to be put into our dumpsters.  If you are going to put something into a project dumpster, or even a dumpster you get for yourself while preparing for the project, you should check with Almar or the dumpster provider to see what items may be restricted.

So, in the end, cleaning out and decluttering is good – just work with your contractor to get the most of out your dumpster and experience. In the end everyone wants you to have a good experience and communicating well is a huge first step to making that happen.

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Craig Guido

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