Featured Project: Hanover Basement with Bar

Basement Bar Hanover

Custom bar in basement

A past client that we had done a master bedroom closet remodel for a few years ago called us to come and look at remodeling their basement.   Their children were getting older and having more friends over to watch movies and play video games, so they wanted a place to allow them to go when they have friends over, but they also wanted the space to be designed to help them host holiday or large parties.

Home Gym in basement

Home Gym in basement

The space needed to be open but also comfortable for them. They also had enough space in the basement to have a dedicated area for their home gym equipment.


Cabinet Detail

Custom Cabinet Detail

We worked with this client for 2 months to design a space in the basement for them, with much  of the focus on the Custom Bar area. They wanted a large bar area that had the feeling of a pub bar, but with the amenities of a home wet bar.


Wet bar in basement

Wet bar in basement

With a sink, Microwave and under bar refrigerator the bar could serve the basement without having to go upstairs to the kitchen to get drinks or heat up popcorn.   With a ½ bath in the basement as well, their children could bring their friends over for a movie and not have to disturb anyone upstairs.

Half bath in basement

Half bath in basement

One challenge we encountered during the project was that the foundation wall was 6” higher than the basement floor, this would have created an odd looking finish with the baseboard trim.   After a few meetings with the homeowner we thought that the best idea would be to double up the wall and make it flush with the foundation bump.   Not only did this make the finish look better, but it also double insulated the basement walls to help with energy efficiency.


In the end the homeowner got a nice large basement area that not only allowed them to have a place to entertain large groups of people, but a place that their kids could enjoy year around.


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