Caring for TimberTech Decking

The Almar Building & Remodeling Guide

Here at Almar Building & Remodeling, we’re proud to install TimberTech composite decking by Azek for our customers. It’s a fantastic choice for homeowners who want the beauty of wood with the durability and low maintenance of composite. But even low-maintenance materials need some TLC to keep them looking their best. Caring for TimberTech decking can be easy with these tips.


  • Regular Rinsing: The easiest way to keep your deck clean is to rinse it regularly with a hose. Especially here in New England we can get dirt and pollen, build up on the surface so a quick rinse can help with that.
  • Thorough Cleaning: For a more thorough cleaning, TimberTech recommends using their TimberTech DeckCleaner [available online]. It’s a safe and effective cleaner that will remove tough stains and keep your deck looking like new. You can also use a mild dish soap like Dawn, diluted with water. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning products.
  • Power Washing: If you’re using a power washer, be sure to use a fan tip nozzle and keep the pressure below 1,500 psi. Avoid spraying directly against the grain of the decking, as this can damage the material.  

General Maintenance

  • Remove Spills Promptly: The longer spills sit on your deck, the harder they will be to remove. Blot up spills with a clean, absorbent cloth and then clean the area with soapy water or TimberTech DeckCleaner.
  • Keep Furniture Clean: Dirt and debris from furniture can scratch the surface of your deck. Wipe down furniture legs regularly and clean up any spills immediately.
  • Move Furniture Occasionally: Even though it feels like the South Shore spends most of the time in dreary weather these days, sunlight can cause slight fading over time. Move your furniture around periodically to help prevent uneven fading.
  • Inspect Deck Regularly: Look at your deck regularly for any signs of damage, such as loose boards, mildew growth, or warping. Almar can help address any problems promptly to prevent them from becoming bigger issues.

Winter Care

  • Remove Snow and Ice: The cold and snow in Massachusetts can be tough on decks, even low-maintenance ones.
    • Don’t let snow and ice accumulate on your deck.
    • Brush off snow regularly and use a plastic shovel to remove ice buildup.
    • Avoid using metal shovels or snow blowers, as they can scratch the surface of your deck.
  • Allow for Drainage: Watch for standing water, which can cause mildew growth and damage the deck boards.

By following these simple tips, caring for TimberTech decking will be easy and looking beautiful for years to come. If you have any questions about your deck don’t hesitate to contact Almar Building & Remodeling in Hanover Ma. We’re always happy to help!

Allison Guido

Almar's CEO has over 20 years of experience in the remodeling industry. She is constantly learning and looking for ways to improve our homeowners' remodeling process and experience. Her mission is to break the Contractor Stereo Type and provide a great product at a good price for our homeowners.