I Filled out the Request for an Estimate Now What?

Lets get your renovation started! We are so glad that you are checking out our website, and even more glad that you are thinking about filling out our form. This form will give us information so we can contact you about the remodel you’re considering for your home. We know selecting a contractor can feel stressful. We want to help you and give you the tools necessary for a successful renovation. Your home is one of your greatest assets. Our team wants to make sure to give you the best information to help you take care of that investment.

What Happens I Fill Out the Form?

Once you fill out our online form, we will do our best to get back in touch with you within 24 to 48 hours. We will call or send an email with a link invitation to sign up for an appointment on our calendars. You can then click the link and schedule an appointment for us to come out and look at the space, take measurements, and talk to you about the Almar process.

Let’s Get the Renovation Started

Once you are on our schedule, we will mail you some information to prepare for our meeting. Depending on the project, we may need to see any existing plans or the plot plan for your home. It will also give you some idea of our process and the next steps.

After we come out and meet with you, we will get to work on your proposal. Your salesperson will hand off the information from the initial meeting to our estimator. We hope you choose to work with us and become part of the Almar family.

Call us today for your dream home renovation, lets get your renovation started! Contact Almar (781-826-2577) and watch our videos.

Nicole Patri

Overseeing Almar's Sales and Marketing team, Nicole has a keen insight into what appeals to homeowners and their questions. She is diligently working to provide great content that appeals to you and answers your questions before you even think to ask them.