Why is my Bathroom Exhaust Fan Vent Leaking?

Have you ever noticed a puddle on the bathroom floor after taking a shower? Do you think water might be seeping through the exhaust vent? This is a common issue that many people face when their bathroom exhaust fan starts dripping water on them as they step out of the shower. The cause of this problem is usually condensation inside the duct lines.


If you notice water dripping from your bathroom exhaust vent when it rains, you might have a leak in the installation of the roof vent for your fan. However, if you see water on the vent when it is not raining, there could be another cause. If you see water covering and dripping from your bathroom exhaust vent, even when it’s not raining, it’s likely that air is leaking from outside into the fan.

Bathroom Fans

Most fan units have inline dampers that prevent cold air from entering the house during the winter months. If you have removed or damaged the damper, it may be causing cold air to enter your home and resulting in condensation on the unit.Therefore, it is important to check the small damper at the fan. It should open when the fan is on and close when it turns off. It is normal to see a small amount of condensation, but if you notice a significant amount of water, it is better to fix the problem sooner rather than later.


If you take a shower and notice water dripping from your bathroom vent, it is highly likely that condensation is causing the issue. Since bathrooms are often colder than other rooms in the house, warm (or hot) showers can cause moisture to build up on the vent, similar to how it accumulates on your bathroom mirror. This is most noticeable in the fall and winter when warm, moist air from the bathroom meets cooler air outside or in the attic, causing condensation and resulting in drips down the ductwork. Insulating the ductwork may help resolve the issue.

If you think that condensation is an issue in your bathroom and are worried about the long term affects like mold growth that could be occurring, then give Almar a call to help you out.  

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