Why is my bathroom exhaust fan vent is leaking?

Sometimes when you are taking a shower does it seem like afterwards you have a puddle on the floor and think water might be getting in thru the exhaust vent?

Many people notice the issue when the bathroom exhaust fan starts dripping on their head as they step out after a shower. Typically, this is caused by condensation inside the duct lines.

If, when it rains, you see water dripping from your bathroom exhaust vent, then yes you might have a leak in the installation of the roof vent for your fan.  But if you are seeing what when it is not raining then you probably don’t have a leak and there could be some other cause.  

If you look up and notice that your bathroom exhaust vent is covered in water and maybe  even dripping but it is not raining,  it is likely that there might be some air leakage from the outside into the fan.   Most fan units when installed, will have inline dampers to help keep the cold air out and the warm air in during the winter months.   Minimal condensation is normal, so if you see a tiny amount of condensation it only means that warm and cool air are connecting. If that damper was removed or damaged, it could be letting cold air into the house and when it meets the warm air in your home it turns into condensation on the unit. Check the small damper at the fan. It should open when the fan is on and close when the fan turns off.

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If you notice it mainly when showers occur, then you most likely have condensation. Most people take warm (or hot) showers and bathrooms tend to be one of the colder rooms in your house.  So, it could be something just as simple as regular condensation, just like that gets on the mirror in your bathroom, building up on the unit. This is most often noticeable in the fall and winter, when the warm moist air from the bathroom hits cool air in the attic or outdoors, it condenses, sending drips back down the duct work. Adding insulation around the duct may solve the problem.

If you think that condensation is an issue in your bathroom and are worried about the long term affects like mold growth that could be occurring, then give Almar a call to help you out.  

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