What is the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel?

Kitchen Remodel

Planning a kitchen remodel takes time. By understanding the major costs and resources available, you can create a kitchen that reflects your style and budget. What is the most expensive part of the kitchen remodel?

You will have a lot of decisions to make and you will have a lot of questions when trying to compile all the best information. Depending on the scope of work you choose your kitchen remodel may be as simple as removing the existing cabinets and installing new ones, or it may include a lot more work from demolishing and building new walls to adding more space and re configuring the cabinet layout.

Depending on the scope of the project determining what the biggest costs associated with the project are may vary, but in general the most expensive element of any kitchen remodel is usually the cabinets. So when you consider where to invest for the remodel think about these items:

Scope of Work

  • Planning a simple refresh? 
  • Want to replace just cabinets? 
  • Is it time for a full-blown demolition and reconfiguration?
  • The amount of work will significantly impact your budget


  • Cabinets: Like I said, usually the biggest expense. Consider stock, semi-custom, or custom options based on your needs and budget.
  • Countertop: Most countertops come in different pricing levels. So depending on the material you choose you can adjust the budgets based on the level, edging and finishes.
  • Appliances: Another major cost, depending on replacements and desired level.

In our article How Do I Choose the Right Cabinets? we discuss the difference between Stock, Semi-Custom and Custom Cabinets.

All the carpentry, installation, mechanical, flooring, etc.. will make up the rest of you costs. A full kitchen renovation that include changes in plumbing and electrical service locations, along with all new appliances, products, and finishes, can take anywhere between 3 to 5 months depending on the size and complexity of the project.

Craig Guido

With 20 years of remodeling experience both in the field and working in collaboration with homeowners to develop remodeling projects designed to fit your lifestyle.