Should I install heated floors?

When remodeling your home, there are numerous upgrade options available, and it can be overwhelming to sift through all of them. Before we proceed with the project, we need to evaluate which upgrades we can implement or improve later, and which ones require more thorough consideration.

Consider installing heated flooring for a noticeable improvement, as it is a worthwhile upgrade. Although it may seem like a luxurious addition, it can increase your home’s comfort level and even reduce energy bills by using less energy than other heating systems. Many people choose to combine heated flooring with their current system to create a more inviting and comfortable environment, particularly in cooler spaces like the kitchen and bathroom.

Somethings to consider about heated floors are:

Offers uniform heating

Standard heating systems heat up the area where they are located, with the warmest temperatures closest to the heater, and the coolest areas farthest away. Radiant floor heat, on the other hand, provides uniform heating to the floor areas above the heating system.

Limited maintenance

Forced air systems need periodic checking and cleaning, while these systems require no maintenance. Once you have installed the thermostats, they will operate automatically and the flooring above will provide them with protection.Most systems will have between a 10- and 25-year warranty.

Allergy Friendly

Radiant floor heat does not push dust or allergens throughout the room.

Noise Free

Most heaters will produce some type of noise, either coming straight from the source while they run or when they turn on. Electric radiant floor heat is silent and will not produce any noise when the system is running.

Upfront Pricing

This is an upgrade that is a longer-term investment. It will increase the price of your flooring allowance and then there will be additional energy costs to run it. The monthly cost varies depending on the size of the area installed and how much your electricity provider charges.


Depending on the time of your remodel you will need to consider the additional installation time for including heated flooring.

Choosing your flooring

Because heated flooring systems can be installed under both tile and hardwood (some systems can be installed under carpet but not all) there are a lot of places in your home can you can install these systems and make your whole home warm and cozy, especially on those cool (or COLD) New England mornings.

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