Is HGTV Reality? A Contractors Opinion…

By: Allison Guido & Nicole Patri

We hear all the time from our homeowners; “I saw this great tile on HGTV!” or “Well, on HGTV they get it done SO much faster.” HGTV’s viewership has grown more quickly than most other cable TV channels since it first aired in 1994 and now has almost as many viewers as ESPN. As a General Contractor, is it great for business that homeowners have become interested in remodeling and renovating their homes. Remodeling and home DIY’s increased interest by our homeowners has without a doubt been helped by the popularity of HGTV. HGTV’s popularity can also sometimes set unrealistic expectations of cost, timeline, and how exactly renovations are completed.

Cost of work is probably the biggest thing that gives our clients a huge shock sometimes. Regionality is one of the biggest drivers to cost differences in projects, so the cost of a remodel in Rural Georgia will cost less than a remodel in the Boston Metro Area. A lot of the time, the costs shown on their shows has no labor costs associated. So, to say that you can get an exterior door for $1000 is true, but that does not factor any labor or operational costs of the contractor.

We’re also experiencing price increases in our industry; these increases are noted in our monthly newsletter sent to our homeowners. If you want to be added to our newsletters to get the latest supply update, you can fill out our form, here.

Timeline and the way the renovations get completed can also be skewed by a 30-minute show on HGTV. Many shows do not give the timeline or information of how long things will take to complete. It is also common practice for some shows to have additional crew of multiple people working off camera to complete the work faster. There are also instances of the production being able to have inspectors on site the whole time. These shows do not include permitting times. Overall, it’s important to know that remodels take a lot longer than what a highly edited show makes it seem like. We’ll walk you through every step of the way and let you know about our rough timeline from day 1.

While shows on HGTV are great to motivate and inspire the remodeling and renovation industry, it is also important for our clients to understand what they see on TV is not how it really will get done. Let’s remodel together, inquire today at 781-826-2577.

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