VELUX Sun Tunnels

One of our favorite products on the market is VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights. These sun tunnels fill your rooms with natural light. They are easily installed and have versatility in where you can install them in your home. VELUX states that they can be “installed virtually anywhere in your house in a single afternoon and at a fraction of the cost.” This is a great environmentally friendly way to light your home.

Here are some of our favorite features and facts about Velux’s Sun Tunnels…

  1. Sun Tunnels assure versatility. They fit around rafters or other structures in your attic. They are more likely to install them in various homes and situations.
  2. A reflective tunnel that carries light from the roof into your space. This will create large amounts of light directly into your home. They give off more light than a standard skylight.
  3. You can go solar. The sun tunnels have the added benefit of functioning as nightlights because they capture the light from the night sky.This feature creates a glow and is a natural nightlight.
  4. Massachusetts doesn’t face major concerns regarding wildfires, but it’s worth acknowledging that the construction of these sun tunnels incorporates protection against them. This fireproof safety feature provides a greater sense of safety and security for our homeowners.
  5. They don’t take up excess space in homes. Pitch these domes low-profile to seamlessly blend into your roof and serve a practical purpose. They occupy otherwise unused space.You won’t need to worry about additions or adding space for them!
  6. One of my personal favorite features is that it comes in different decorative forms. You can add your own personal touch to your sun tunnels by adding a decorative lens. This will create different ways of dispersing the light you can opt for prismatic, bubbles, neutral light, brushed metal, mico fresnel, or triple wave diffusers or ceiling rings.
  7. They also come in many different sizes. No matter how big or small you want your sun tunnel, there is one for you!

We hope this product spotlight gave you a little more information on one of the best products in the market now! Our friends at Cape Cod Lumber have them in stock and are always ready to answer any of your questions about this product in their showroom.

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