Selection Allowances: What They Are & Why We Use Them

By: Nicole Patri

What is a ‘selection’?

This refers to the choices we need you to make like cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, tiles, etc. These are all outlined in your signed contract. It is important that these choices are made as early in the project as possible to avoid any delays. For example, if your tile of choice is 4 weeks out, we need to order it as soon as possible. Selections are their corresponding allowances will all be uploaded into your BuilderTrend account under the ‘selection’ tab.

What is an ‘allowance’?

It is the price included in your contract that Almar will cover. So, we give you a budgeted allowance for each aspect of your selections and you can pick anything within that range.

Why do we use allowances?

Due to constantly changing prices and industry trends we make the best estimate for what each aspect of your remodel ‘should’ cost. You are given a certain amount of money you can spend on each aspect and if your selection is more than what is allowed, it will be counted as an overage.

What is an ‘overage’?

It is the price difference between what we allowed for and what was selected. Let’s say your allowance for a faucet is $150 and your preferred faucet is $350, a $200 overage will incur and will be billed to you.

We’ve found that this method of selection allowances make the remodeling process run more smoothly and helps you have a less stressful time during remodeling. Making selections should be fun and should feel like you are making choices towards the remodel of your dreams.

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