Why Do Contractors Use Subcontractors?

As a General Contractor our team takes on lots of different types of remodeling projects and repairs. Our goal is to be your go to call for anything you need related to you home. If we cannot help you, we want to be able to point you in the right direction.

Our team is made up of many great carpenters and team members but there are aspects of your project that our in-house team may not be licenses or the best to handle. For certain items we call in our team members who specialize in a specific aspect or when scheduling allows for us to get your remodel done in a timelier manner than waiting for the in-house team.

As a GC we like to think of our Production Team as taking the Big Picture view, sticking with you thru the whole experience from start to finish, and want to make sure we are bringing together the best team and experts possible to give you the best experience and home possible while overseeing all aspects of your remodel. Just like we are constantly working with our in-house team to get better we are always connecting with specialists in other areas to keep improving the process.

These specialists are often referred to as Subcontractors (Sub) or Trade Partner. A subcontractor/Trade Partner is a specialty business or person that carries out work for a company as part of a larger project. And include electricians, plumbers, plasters, and some carpenters who work with our team.  These specialists usually only come for a specific part of the project. 

For you whether a team member is in house or a Sub does not make a big difference in terms of the project. Our production team works to coordinate the scope of work and schedule for the project with them and our team manages Subs insurance coverage or covers it under our umbrella policy. 

From initial planning to final cleanup, our team tries to manage the workflow like conductors manage orchestras. By constantly working to improve our process and system we can try and create the smoothest experience possible for you and keep the work flowing and the crews busy throughout the entire course of the project.

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Craig Guido

With 20 years of remodeling experience both in the field and working in collaboration with homeowners to develop remodeling projects designed to fit your lifestyle.