Tips for Installing Azek by TimberTech Decking

Decking installation

Installing a new deck is an exciting project that can greatly enhance your outdoor living space. Azek by TimberTech decking is a popular choice due to its durability, low maintenance, and beautiful appearance. There are many things to consider when installing a new deck and choosing the right materials. If you’re considering Azek, here are…

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Azek Clapboard Siding

Deck Conversion project photo

The future is now when it comes to siding with Azek clapboard siding.  For years, New Englanders have wanted to re-side their houses but keep the look and feel of cedar clapboards. While there have been many products that we have tried- Azek has recently come out with a beveled edge clapboard siding. Azek clapboards look…

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Why does Azek come with a logoed film on it?

Azek is committed to ensuring that it looks as beautiful on your home as it does when it leaves our facilities, so Classic AZEK Trim now comes with Protective Film to preserve the crisp white semimatte finish on both Traditional and Frontier finishes.

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