Is a Wet Room a Good Idea?

Tiled Bathroom

Wet rooms are gaining popularity as a new trend in bathrooms. These types of bathrooms feature waterproof flooring and walls, typically tiled and sealed to prevent water damage. So, is a wet room a good idea?

What is a Wet Room?

When discussing the possibility of a wet room with homeowners, we often suggest looking at second bathrooms as an option. Removing the bath from a small bathroom can create more space and make it a great candidate for a wet room conversion.

Many people choose these areas because they are easier to clean. If done correctly, they offer superior flooring protection compared to a typical bathroom.

A shower room is a designated area with a threshold solely for showering, whereas a wet room features an open shower area with the floor level with the rest of the bathroom. The builders have deliberately designed the shower floor to slope towards the drain, ensuring effective water drainage.

Adding Details

A wet room design costs more than a standard bathroom with drywall and regular tile flooring. This is due to the need to cover the entire walls and floor with tile and a rubber membrane. In contrast, a typical bathroom design only requires tiling on the floor and shower walls.

Curbless Shower

Shower Accessibility

If you or someone in your household requires additional assistance with showering or has mobility challenges, wet rooms can be incredibly practical. For those who plan to age in place or live with disabilities, a wet room may be an excellent choice to accommodate evolving requirements.

To keep the space more comfortable you may also consider including SunTouch and Nuheat products which have been tested and are UL listed for use in shower floors and seats.

When thinking about a bathroom design, it’s important to keep longevity in mind. To maintain the watertight seal of the entire area, regular maintenance is necessary. Factors such as ventilation and frequency of use can affect the longevity of a wet room.To preserve its sturdiness, it is advisable to have the tiles examined and resealed approximately every 10 years.

Hopefully this has given you some good things to think about as you consider if a bathroom remodel is the right for your family’s needs. If you have questions about your home improvement project or would like more information Contact Almar: (781-826-2577) and watch our videos:

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