Why is Painting So Expensive?

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Many homeowners ask us, “why is painting so expensive?” The answer: materials, labor, and skill. Painting is often something people think they can do themselves. When renovating a home or a space, it is good not to cut corners because it will save you money and time in the long run. Understanding why painting can be so expensive is key to making the best decision for you and your home.


Painting can make or break how your finished project will look. Quality is important when painting the interior of a home. This starts from the very beginning of the process; the right Prep makes the surface ready for paint. Walls need to be sanded, minor holes must be filled and smoothed. All dust needs to be removed from the area. Finally, careful protection for non-painted surfaces needs to be put in place. These steps are the foundation of painting your walls.


Next, walls, trim, and ceilings must be Primed. This is where the conversation shifts back to quality. You want a good quality primer which will keep your walls looking great for the long hall. After the primer coat, the space will be inspected for imperfections again. Then, there may be more patching, and sanding needed. Finally, the surfaces will be reprimed in necessary.


These materials are more expensive than most people realize, especially paint. A good quality and well pigmented paint can cost from $30-$50 a gallon. Professionals will finish the space with two coasts of finish Paint. If you are looking to paint a whole house that is a big investment. However, this investment will pay off in the long term when you do not have to touch up your walls or repaint in a couple of years. This investment will also save you time and save you some stress.

Finally, you are paying for skilled labor and people with the tools to get the job done right the first time. Painting is a very labor-intensive process. Each home could be painted as many as three separate times to account for primer, painting, and finishing. This skilled labor is important to invest in because they will leave your surfaces looking absolutely stunning for years to come.

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Allison Guido

Almar's CEO has over 20 years of experience in the remodeling industry. She is constantly learning and looking for ways to improve our homeowners' remodeling process and experience. Her mission is to break the Contractor Stereo Type and provide a great product at a good price for our homeowners.