Quincy: Windows… windows… windows… What is the difference?

3 Tips to choosing your Replacement Windows
By: Craig Guido (Almar Building & Remodeling Co. Hanover Ma)


Harvey_Vinyl-Replacement_Window_HanoverIn today’s remodeling market there are endless options for windows when looking at replacing them for your house.   There are wood and vinyl windows you can choose from. The glass can be single, double, and even tripled paned.  There are so many choices with windows types and manufactures it could make your head spin. Have you ever thought Windows… windows… windows… What is the difference?


The thing to remember is to carefully read over the options and warranties available for you with the windows.  What is the length of time that the glass is warranties?  Seal failures could happen up to 10 years after installation and you want to make sure that you can get the glass replaced if this happens.


Along with warranties and other important thing to look for is installation.  Most manufactured do not warranty the installation, so you want to make sure that your installer offers you an installation warranty.  Most installation issues will arise within the first year, but you should look for an installer that offers a warranty above and beyond that if possible.


Finally, think a locally!  Just like the movements in the food and grocery industry, windows are becoming the same way.  There are many regional window manufactures in the US now that service only a certain area.  It is good to have local companies close if you ever have a warranty service call.  Not only the service, but it is good to help keep the money you are spending on your home local.  You help grow the local economy and keep jobs local as well.


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