Hingham: Granite versus Quartz, which one is best for me?

Hanover_basement_remodelBy: Craig H. Guido, CS

Selecting a counter top for you kitchen can be one of the toughest parts of a kitchen remodel. There are tons of options for tops out there and they all have different pros and cons. Most of the remodels that we do in kitchens our clients are selecting solid surface counters like Granite or Quartz. Hav you ever asked yourself “Granite versus Quartz, which one is best for me?” Here are some of my thoughts (and some facts) on these options for solid surface counter tops.

Stain resistance:
Quartz is the winner in this category. Both products can resist stain, but there is more maintenance involved with granite to make sure that this is the case. Granite you need to treat and seal every year to help prevent stains. Granite is much more porous, where quartz is a nonporous material. Quartz will not stain, where the crystalline structure of granite is much more likely to harbor stains and bacteria.

It is important that your contract uses a specialist to install your countertop properly. Quartz companies (i.e. Silestone, Caesar Stone, etc…) are very protective of who fabricates and installs their products. Usually these people have to go through strict manufacture training on the products. Granite, on the other hand, is usually a smaller operation of installers that buy their slabs from a local warehouse.

This is obviously more of a case by case opinion of the client, but Granite tends to win out more. Granite is a truly natural stone and no two counter tops are the same. Granites patters will vary widely within the slabs. This is why it is important when picking out granite to go and see that slab you pick and just not look at a picture online.

Quartz is the complete opposite. When you look a small sample of the color the slab you get will be identical to thKitchen Cabinets Braintree ma e sample. The colors and patterns in quartz are man-made and therefore they are similar. If your neighbor has Silestone Greenriver and you decide to install that color on your kitchen, your top will look almost exactly the same as theirs.

The cost of Granite will fluctuate a lot more than the cost of quartz, though granite tends to be more expensive than quartz, there are many slabs that might sell for as much as $15 less a square foot than Quartz. With Quartz you can vary, but tends to be more confined to a small swing in changes than Granite. Another thing to consider is the cost over time. Quartz needs little cost in maintenance (just a good over the counter cleaner on a regular basis), where granite you need to buy a kit to seal yearly (which generally cost between $30 -$50 for a kit).

If you are thinking about a kitchen remodel then give Almar Building and Remodeling a call 781-826-2577 to have one of our specialists talk to you more about kitchen remodels, we’d be happy to help you work through the Granite versus Quartz, which one is best for me? questions.


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