Norwell: 5 Tips for Managing your Renovation during the Holidays.

By: Allison & Craig Guido, CS (Almar Building & Remodeling Hanover Ma)


Custom Tile Shower

Custom Tile Shower

Right after Thanksgiving we always start to feel that stress from our clients. The realization that the holidays are fast approaching and the desire to be done with the project as quick as humanly possible. And as much as they want us done, we also want to be done so we can make them happy and start a new year as fresh as possible. But wrapping up before the holidays doesn’t always happen no matter how much we’d like to.

I always tell clients before we get started on their renovation that it will be an emotional roller coaster an very quickly many clients realize I am right. And there is no harder time to have your Renovation underway than during the holidays. There are times when you are very excited and then times when you are just ready for it to be done and over with.

Emotions cover all the things you must endure to reach a remodeled state.  These range from the inconvenient to the downright stressful depending on your personality.  So as we are quickly heading into the holiday season I wanted to share 5 Tips for Managing your Renovation during the Holidays that we try to go over with our clients.

  1. Work Schedule.   Let you remodeler know when you might be having events so that we can make sure we are not working and making noise during your party.
    1. Talk to your Contractor about your holidays plans
    2. Have this discussion early enough to make an impact on the plans.
    3. Be realistic and understand that there are some scheduling items that no one can control.
  1. Help you contract understand your expectations.  He might not be able to finish the project or have it complete to Basement Framing Marshfield Mawhere you had hoped, but maybe getting the dumpster removed or materials organized would help you home look a little less like a construction site.
    1. Be upfront and honest about your thoughts and feelings
    2. No wants to add stress to an already stressful time, so be sure you are keeping the lines of communication open.


  1. Designate a place where all stock and tools can be stored and covered.
    Bathroom Bump out Scitaute, Ma

    Bathroom Bump out Scitaute, Ma

    1. If everyone is on the same page then stress can be managed better.


  1. Be Flexible & Reasonable
    1. If you’ve talked to your contractor about the plan and designated a reasonable storage spot for everything then you need to be flexible.


  1. It’s the Holiday!  DECORATE!   Even though there is a remodel going on in your home, still put up your decorations, even put lights on that 1/2 done addition.   There is no reason not be festive!

Your team will everything they can to meet the goals. But things happen and you will be more worked up about the progress of the project then anyone you are having over.  But I think that the common thread thru these 5 Tips for Managing your Renovation during the Holidays is to communicate with your remodeling team and to be flexible and have fun with it. This will be a memorable holiday, whether its good memories or bad are up to you and how you handle the adventure of being mid remodel.



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