Milton Remodel in Collaboration with Beth Bourque Designs

Recently, we did a photoshoot with Jessica Delaney Photography to showcase one of our favorite Milton home remodels we have completed in 2021 so far. In this remodel, a collaboration with Beth Bourque Designs, we got to completely remodel their kitchen space as well as their full baths and 1/2 bath. We also did some work with the overall layout of the home. These projects included adding additional storage, adding a railing, and fixing stairs to the basement, basement remodel, and renovating their porch area. One of the most important things that this remodel included for our homeowner was giving them a bigger kitchen, including a large island with lots of working space and an eating area. Lets dive deeper into this Milton Remodel.

Beth Bourque Designs

Our trade partner, Beth Bourque handled the design. Beth is an interior designer and we love to work collaboratively with her to give our homeowners the best space possible for their needs. We love how the remodeled space came together and are so happy to share some of the completed photos with you.

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Some of the selections and other trade partners that helped make this project come together include…

We want to thank our trade partners for always being so reliable and helping bring all of our projects to life.

Unexpected Challenges

This project did come with some unexpected challenges. After we finished remodeling, the homeowners experienced a house fire. Thankfully, everyone was safe. We all came back to the drawing board and helped them bring their space back together. The fire was concentrated in the kitchen, so our re-remodel focused on that space a lot. We wanted to help the homeowners not only love their space but heal from the aftermath of a fire.

We’re really happy to have given these homeowners a space they can live in comfortably, a great home Milton remodel.

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