How Long Should Grout in my Bathroom Last?

Grout is the mortar and paste used for filling gaps between wall and floor tiles, especially in bathrooms. A question we’re often asked is, “how long should grout last in my bathroom last?” Grout doesn’t last forever and has a lifespan of between eight and sixteen years, depending on your upkeep and treatment in your shower area specifically.

We recommend PERMACOLOR Select grout for all our projects. PERMACOLOR Select is one of the latest advancements in cement-based grouts. Providing enhanced protection from stains, less to no need for regular sealing, and an overall easier cleaning experience.

Tips for Grout Upkeep

Visual Inspections

It’s important to know that no matter the chosen grout, it will not be self-cleaning or completely stain resistant. Regular upkeep is required for all cement-based grouts.

Cement-based grout’s silky white color will sometimes only last a few years because of water damage and other contaminates. These things will cause discoloration in your grout. Discoloration is more of an aesthetic aspect however, if you find mold it should be your sign that you need to regrout. Many towns on the South Shore have been experiencing water discoloration. This will affect your grout over time.

If mold is growing on the grout, you should be aware that it could be growing behind it as well. If you don’t find mold, check the texture of your grout. Grout should be smooth to touch, if it isn’t smooth or crumbles when you apply pressure, you should regrout your bathroom.


PERMACOLOR Select grout does not require sealing. If you want greater peace of mind, STONETECH does have products that can be used to seal the grout.

For most other cement-based grouts, a great rule of thumb is to seal your grout annually. This will help prevent mold and mildew from growing in your bathroom. For added assurance grouting every six-months in most used areas will keep your mold away and keep your grout long lasting.

Using your Shower Fan

Grout does create a waterproof seal for your tiles, but heat and humidity can cause it to break down over time. This is something that is unavoidable in your bathroom. However, a way to slow this breakdown is to keep your shower fan running for a few minutes post-shower. This will help reduce the moisture in the air from the shower.

Wipe down shower tiles

If you want to have added piece of mind a good way to eliminate moisture in your bathroom is to wipe down the shower tiles with a towel.

Shower Cleaners

Using a shower cleaner will help with grout discoloration and keep mold and mildew away. We recommend staying away from bleach or all-purpose cleaners when cleaning your grout. A grout option for routine everyday maintenance is a clear, Ph-neutral cleaner.

Please be sure to test any chosen cleaning product of a small area and allow to dry to make sure that the cleaner will not damage your grout.

No matter your chosen grout, we hope this answered any questions you may have about grout upkeep.

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