What is the Best way to make Selections for my Project?

Once you have decided on what the project scope will be the next big set is to finalize your selections. What are selections? They are the individual products that you can choose from for example your bathroom faucet, carpet, or tile.

Trying to get sections made prior to finalizing the contract is a good idea, but we find that most people just aren’t ready with final selections that early and in order to keep the process moving for permitting etc. allowances are provided while they has out these final details.

In Almar’s process if you must select after the project contract is signed then you typically will see an option, or an allowance priced listed. We also provide a section in your Client Portal section that will list out all the choices you still need to make, and you can approve or decline the right online.

This allowance price is what is included in your contract, so if you choose to select other items and go over that set amount, it will result in an additional charge. If you select an item costing less than the allowance you will receive a credit.  

Our team will let you know that may go anywhere you would like to make your selections. We do have recommend vendors because we find you will have success with them, and they are easy and friendly to work with and we find limited product issues.

Once you have made your selections, our team will reach out and they will give use all the information. We then add each item the online portal with pictures, model numbers and their respective price. Then you may log in and view all of this and select ‘approve’ if you are happy with them. Once you have approved the selection, we can get them ordered.

It is important to make selections as early as possible because some items have longer lead times if we must wait 4 weeks for something, it will not affect your project’s timeline. For example, if you select a finish for your plumbing fixtures (ie. satin nickel) that has an 8 week lead time and that isn’t ordered in advance, allowing enough time for it to come in, we won’t be able to put your bathroom back together and it may sit unfinished for a while.

Also, some items may affect the final design or lay out. For instance, choosing your appliances and sinks should be done before kitchen layouts are completed and cabinets are ordered to ensure that everything will fit correctly. The widths of these item are important but so are the depth and the height. We want to make sure that doors and draws open correctly.

When you are frayed and frustrated (which happens during the process) you do not want to be making decisions you might regret or leave the choice to someone who won’t be living it. So, the earlier you can narrow down your choices and get them ordered the better both for your sanity and the schedule.

Our team is always here to help and guide you thru the process, and if you need additional help we can connect you with a great interior designer to help walk you thru this specific portion of the remodeling experience.

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Craig Guido

With 20 years of remodeling experience both in the field and working in collaboration with homeowners to develop remodeling projects designed to fit your lifestyle.