How do I choose the right countertop for my kitchen remodel?


You will have many choices when putting together the right kitchen design. As we mentioned in the earlier article How do I choose the right cabinet? You will have to decide which style and price point you want your cabinets to be, you will have the same choices when making your countertop selection.

So how do you decide which materials are best for you? Your budget will be your starting point, but like cabinets even with in a good, better, best line you can have expensive choices and less expensive choice based on your final selections.

A basic good, better, best scenario you can think of Laminate. Engineered Quartz, and Granite/Other Stones.


  • Inexpensive, durable, and with a huge range of patterns and color options (including faux stone types) and wood and other edge treatments.
  • Laminate is stain-resistance and waterproof, but can be damaged by a hot or scratched, and there’s no effective way to repair it.
  • Laminate is adhered to ¾” plywood or particle board, with a frame that keeps it rigid and attaches to the cabinets at the perimeter and at countertop seams.  

Engineered Quartz (e.g. Silestone and other Constantino Products): 

  • This material is durable and heatproof and waterproof, with the advantages of integrated sinks and a variety of edge treatments.
  • Solid surface counters are typically installed by the fabricators.  
  • There is a wide range of options and allowances.

Granite and Other Natural Stone: 

  • While in the high end of the allowance pricing Stone counters are popular.
  • In addition to granite, there are limestones, soapstone, slate, travertine, engineered quartz, and concrete, among others.
  • Most are durable, waterproof, and heat proof but can chip.
  • Be sure the surface is sealed (unless it’s engineered stone) to prevent staining, and, as with all materials, make sure you get maintenance instructions.  

Another option that some people choose to invest in is: Wood. Often used on an island, wood is durable with proper care, but usually requires annual re-sealing. When choosing a finish, make sure that the product is nontoxic and approved for contact with food. Wood countertops are warm, durable, and easy to refinish, but can stain or burn easily and are susceptible to water damage if the homeowner is not careful.  

 When dealing with countertops precise measuring is key to on-budget, on-schedule countertop installations. Also, be sure to clarify the backsplash height and materials in advance as this will affect your budget as well.

Remodeling is a rewarding and stressful process. Besides adding value to your home, a good kitchen remodel will increase the functionality your house and make your home more enjoyable.

Craig Guido

With 20 years of remodeling experience both in the field and working in collaboration with homeowners to develop remodeling projects designed to fit your lifestyle.