How long will my renovation take?

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Every remodeling project is unique, so the timeline for each one will vary. No two homes, yards, or homeowners are the same, and the availability of supplies is constantly changing. So, want to know “How long will my renovation take?” Your contract will include an estimated timeframe for project completion.

For those of you just starting to consider a remodeling project, here’s a general guide to help you understand the time commitment involved:

Planning phases depend on your stage in the planning process and the number of design and town approval steps. Small projects can be planned in a few weeks, while larger projects may take several months if they require plans and town approvals, such as zoning or conservation permits.

Generally, we say that renovations can take:

Basic Bathroom Remodel is about 4-6 weeks.
Bathroom with Custom Tile shower/Walls and glass enclosure is closer to 6-8 weeks.
Decks: Small 2 weeks Large: 2-4+ weeks
Kitchen: 8 – 10 week
Large Kitchen, with extensive interior remodel 2-3 months
Additions – Average 4-8 months (depending on size and scope)
Basement – 4-6 weeks
Replacement windows – 4-8 windows a day.
Siding – 2-4 week depending on material selection, size of house etc….
Custom home – 1 year+

It’s always important to check with the production team for a better idea about how long your renovation will take and what the initial timeline is as we go thru the planning process.  And don’t forget that things like weather, material availability, timely decisions and even government shuts downs may affect completion schedules.

Remodeling can be a large undertaking. There are a lot of decisions and money that goes into your project. The Almar team hopes you’ll give us the opportunity to work with you thru the planning process. 

Craig Guido

With 20 years of remodeling experience both in the field and working in collaboration with homeowners to develop remodeling projects designed to fit your lifestyle.