Not Just Carpenters, but Local Craftsmen.

by: Allison Q Guido, CS

Craig and I were fortunate to get to take a few days off  over the Fourth of July holiday. We headed to head to central Vermont. As we  took our Giovanni to some of the sites like Sugarbush Farm, Simon Pearce GlassDanforth Pewter, Long Trail and Harpoon Breweries, the Windsor Farmers marketFrozen Memories homemade ice cream and Edgewater Farms I started thinking about
how great it was to spend a vacation seeking out small local companies that are  making things by hand.

I was so excited to see the skills and talents of these  hardworking craftsmen and to be able to support them. We were able to visit the  small, local businesses everyone is so hot to talk about these days. These are  the companies and people who work in the companies that Small Business Saturday
was created to support. They are the Americans making things at home, and  giving hope to their employees and neighbors. In a world where we hear so much  in the news about outsourcing, it was awesome to be able to stand in a small  factory and see things being made.
2011 Team Outing

Then I realized that in many ways my team at Almar is just  like all of these fine craftsmen. The skill level and dedication that the Almar  team brings to each and every project is outstanding. Just like these various
artisans the carpenters and tradesman I work with everyday are building and  creating something unique and special.

In remodeling every project is different. There is no
“cookie cutter” package. Each renovation is specially designed to serve each
homeowner’s unique needs. Every home we work in is that “small factory.” And
Almar is lucky enough to have some of the most talented people on the south
shore to do that for our clients.
June 2012 Educational Team Meeting

When I sat down to write this blog I didn’t intend for it to  be an editorial about how great Almar is, but I did want to share my  realization of how special and talented the Almar team is. In a day and age  where there is so much focus on locally made, grown, support local businesses I  guess I always attributed that to farmers and craft makers but I didn’t fully  realize how many other professions also fit that mold.   I have always been proud of my carpenters  and remodeling team, but I am just a little more proud of them today as I think
about the impact they are making and the legacy they leave behind at each home
Almar Building & Remodeling has renovated for the last 53 years and

Craig Guido

With 20 years of remodeling experience both in the field and working in collaboration with homeowners to develop remodeling projects designed to fit your lifestyle.