How To Design Your Home Office

What to Include in my Home Office Design?

In a recent post we talked about how to find or create space for a dedicated home office. A good home office will combine the comfort of home with the convenience of your office. Whether you are adding space or converting an existing space you should consider your design carefully to include everything you will need to be successful. You want to both like the space and be productive in it.

While we want to consider how you will block out distractions, be comfortable year-round, how much electrical work might need to be done, and what the best lighting options will be for your needs. What else should you be thinking about when designing your home office:

Best Options to Consider…

Functional Workspace

Your computer is not the only thing to consider when choosing your desk and workspace. You should also much consider giving yourself a place to write comfortably, organize papers, and any office supplies you will need at the ready in front of you. Never underestimate how much space you will need. Comfort is key in creating a happy home office environment.

Lots of storage, shelves, bookcases

Storage is key. You want a home for all your supplies. An example would be a place to put your pens, highlighters, and markers. Do you want them to be on your desk or in your desk drawer? Do you want them to be organized or are you okay with all your writing utensils being in the same place? The answers to these questions will help you chose the right storage for you. Do you need shelves, or drawers, open or closed cabinet etc…

We love having bookshelves in our offices and want to recommend them for your home office. A great way to save space in your home office is to install shelves. If shelves seem like a good fit for you and your needs, look no further!

Plenty of outlets & USB charging stations

I cannot stress enough the importance of having plenty of outlets and USB charging stations. This will be an important factor in your productivity and help you not have to run around your house looking for chargers!

Ample lighting

Access to natural light is always a great option if available. Natural light and windows can make for a very pleasant work environment. Good task lighting is a necessity: recessed, overhead and undercabinet lighting will keep you from straining your eyes.

Printer location

The printer location is an extremely important component to your design. Consider both functionality and accessibility. Make sure it is somewhere you can get to easily. In one recent design we used the corner cabinet space to place the printer. You do not want your printer in another room as it will cause a distraction from the task at hand. Finally, be sure that there is a proper outlet for the printer.

File Storage

Design a specific place or by putting your printer on the top of your file storage is a great way to use all your space in an efficient way. Having your own file cabinet is important when designing your office to keep your space organized and your files safe. File cabinets are easy to keep up with and will be another great advantage towards increased productivity!

Office supplies             

Make a list of all the office supplies you might need in your home office. Things like paper clips, staplers, write out, writing utensils, printer paper, filing folders, binders, binder dividers- the list goes on and on. A list of wants will help create a place that you are happy to go work at every day. As we start to design the space, including cabinetry, draws and shelving we can make sure there is a spot for the most important items.


What colors make you feel good? Do not forget to take into consideration that colors can have an immense psychological effect. Some recommended colors to add to your home office would be green, beige, or blue. These colors are all said to have calming effects. You can also spice up your space with something like chalk board paint or dry erase paint.

You do not need to design your home office alone, Almar is here to help you make the best decisions for your home office. We want you to know that gaining that tranquil new space in your home as an office may not be as hard as you think.  Give Almar a call to come out and look at your home to help you find that space in your home.

You can contact Almar: (781-826-2577) and watch our videos:

Allison Guido

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