Understanding the Remodeling Emotional Roller Coaster

Remodeling is exciting and nothing beats the feeling of a finished project. The remodeling process is also an emotional roller coaster. Our team hopes by detailing some of the feelings associated with parts of the process, you will feel more comfortable with the emotions that come up.

Emotions during remodeling…

Emotions can range from inconvenient to downright stressful depending on your personality. Obviously, these are dependent on the size and scope of your project. Here are a few of the things that might trigger your emotions.

  • Losing your kitchen for weeks. (Yes, you will eventually loathe eating out.)
  • Losing your washer/dryer for a time.
  • Having your water/power shut off for a day.
  • Not being able to park in your garage, driveway, or street depending on the circumstance.
  • Having strangers at your house every day (They might eventually become friends.)
  • Dealing with anxious pets who might not like all the ruckus.
  • Handling inevitable bumps along the way.
  • Your neighbor’s curiosity.
  • Cleaning out twenty years of stuff before the project can begin.
  • Having the city or town dictate aspects of your design or build.
  • Keeping your kids out of the construction area.
  • Just seeing your house torn up and not livable can be incredibly stressful.

Understanding these triggers may help you acknowledge when you start to get stressed and enjoy the process more.


Your journey starts with finding the right team, like Almar. This sparks excitement as you envision your dream coming to life with trusted professionals by your side.

Next comes the estimating phase. While it can feel daunting, we’ll guide you through every step with transparency.

Once the contract is all set, your anticipation reaches new heights! This stage is filled with happiness, optimism, and the thrilling knowledge that your dream is soon becoming reality.

Choosing Selections

Now we move to selections and finalizing choices. Picking selections is an enjoyable part of the process. The stress of estimating has passed and now you get to pick your new features.


When production begins, you might start to feel a little apprehensive again. Materials used for demolition are now being stored in your home, a dumpster is delivered, and you are meeting new people working on your project. Alas, there is some movement going on in the project and you can see it physically happening. It will feel like the project is coming along quickly and you will get a new pep in your step!

Next Phase:

The next phase – rough-in – involves electrical, plumbing, and mechanical installations. Inspections may cause delays, but don’t worry, we’ve got it covered!

While insulation and drywall happen, you might feel stressed with slower progress. It’s natural! Remember, big changes are coming beneath the surface.

This phase can be tough, and frustration is common. If you have questions, consult our “Commonly Asked Questions” sheet. It’s filled with info to ease your mind. Trust us, the finish line is near! We’re by your side every step of the way.

Finishing Touches:
Breathe Easy: The Home Stretch of Your Remodel

The hard work is behind us! Now comes the fun part: adding the finishing touches to your dream home. Imagine your new:

  • Sparkling plumbing and electrical installations
  • Luxurious flooring underfoot
  • Doors and windows opening to possibility
  • A amazing space where your family can live their best life.

Once complete, you’ll seamlessly transition back into your beautiful, remodeled space. We’ll be by your side, ensuring your satisfaction and hoping to become your partner for future projects. Ready to show off your amazing home? Let us capture its brilliance for our social media!

Allison Guido

Almar's CEO has over 20 years of experience in the remodeling industry. She is constantly learning and looking for ways to improve our homeowners' remodeling process and experience. Her mission is to break the Contractor Stereo Type and provide a great product at a good price for our homeowners.