Sharon: Through-roof natural lighting products with focus on Velux offerings

Through-roof natural lighting products with focus on Velux offerings

by: Gabriel Fiorini

Velux Group offers three categories of products: skylights, roof windows, and Veluxsun tunnels. There are options and accessories available with most options. There are other manufactures who sell similar products but Almar most often installs Velux.

The main function of through-roof natural lighting products is to allow more natural light into the home. Skylights and roof windows also provide a view which can help a room feel larger and more open. Natural light is desirable because it’s very high quality, free, energy-efficient, and helps keep the inside of a house connected to the rhythms of the outside world.

Skylights and related products are often a good choice when one wants to bring natural light into a room but there is not sufficient space for windows (as in a bathroom or a room with sloping walls), when a homeowner wants to make a space feel especially airy and open, or when a homeowner wants to reduce energy consumption by reducing the need for electric lighting. Some of these products can also provide ventilation.

In general, all of these prVelux ventingoducts are available in either deck-mounted or curb-mounted versions. Deck-mounted products provide a sleeker profile on the roof, whereas curb-mounted products are more suitable for flatter roofs. When installed in an appropriate location with manufacturer-recommended flashing, all Velux skylights, roof windows, and sun tunnels come with a 10-year warranty.

According to Velux’s website ( some the of the main reasons to consider a Skylight are:

  1. Making Home Smarter: By utilizing the “power of the sun to bring natural light and fresh air in.”
  2. Providing natural balanced light makes color appear truer.
  3. Healthier environment
  4. Help reduce dependence on air conditioning.
  5. Provide daylight without sacrificing privacy
  6. Ultimate light control with blinds.
  7. In kitchens, using skylights for natural light and fresh air frees up wall space for additional cabinets.

Over the new few posts I will go over the features and benefit of several different types of natural light products and accessories. And hopefully answer all the questions that have about through-roof natural lighting products, but if not please feel free to reach out to our team here at Almar Building & Remodeling to discuss how we can help you with your Home Remodeling needs.

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