Which Countertop Edging Should I Choose?

When choosing countertops edging there are so many great options. One part of choosing countertops is choosing the edging you want for the slab you pick. Edging comes in a lot of different forms and the choice is very personal. Depending on how you use your kitchen, your lifestyle, or even just your preference, you will choose the best edging for you. This seemingly small detail will make a big difference in the design of your space. Edges complete the look of the countertops.

One thing to note when it comes to countertop edging is that most edges are rounded in some way. This is to prevent injury. Some installers won’t give an option for pointed edges or install them.

Some countertop Edging Options Include:

Pencil Edge

The pencil edge is a countertop staple. It’s easy to clean and creates simple, elegant lines that work well with contemporary designs. With a slightly rounded corner for safety, we think it’s a great option.


Bullnose edges look amazing in traditional, timeless kitchen spaces.

Full Bullnose

A full bullnose edge will provide the look of a slimmer countertop, giving you a chic modern appearance. This edge is one of the most popular edging choices that we see.

Half Bullnose

The half bullnose provides a rounded top portion of the counter and a straight bottom. This bullnose style provides an extremely easy way to clean your countertop surface. You can easily slide any unused food into the trashcan or compost. It also serves to protect your cabinetry against water damage in case of spills. A very impressive and beautiful edging style.

Demi Bullnose

This edge has a curve that extends further back on the countertop than other bullnose curves. It is flat on the bottom and makes your countertop appear thicker. This offers the same easy cleaning feature as the half bullnose. It’s all about decorative choices with this decision.

Beveled Edge

A bevel is an edge that has an angle that is less than 90 degrees.

Quarter Bevel

This option is great to add to your counters if you want to add structure but don’t want a fully rounded edge. This is a particularly simple, elegant edge style.

Half Bevel

A half bevel is great to add a decorative touch to your space. This is also known as an “extra-large bevel. A great design for kitchen clean-up, and is exceptionally beautiful.

Ogee Edge

Ogee edges feature a beautiful S-shaped curve. This provides an elegant countertop edge that is sure to wow. This edge adds extra depth to your countertop and a timeless flair.

Custom Edge

Custom edges are always a choice you can make and an option readily available. If you have a certain design in mind, a kitchen designer can help you take the next steps in designing your custom bevel.

No matter what you want your finished space to look like, countertop edges will help bring the space together. Countertop edging can provide safety, easier ways to clean your space, and a beautiful option.

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