Whitman: Mark Celebrates 25 years with Almar

Mark Caruso, CSIn Remodeling the survival rate is tough. 40% of contractors will fail the first year; 70% by the fifth year, and only 6% survive to reach their 10th anniversary. So to be able to mark an occasion where a single employee reaches a major milestone with a small business is important.

This month Almar Building and Remodeling is proud to announce and celebrate Mark Caruso’s 25th Anniversary with the team. Almar was founded in 1959 by Gerald Quinn and his partner. Today Almar is owned and operated by Gerald’s son Terry and granddaughter Allison, along with her husband Craig Gudio. From the start our goal has been to provide quality craftsmanship, and the best solutions for all our client’s needs.

When asked what he remembers most about Mark; Terry Quinn chuckled when he said “He loves Diet Coke and Bananas. He’s a good dad. You could always count on him to show up. I don’t think I could have found a better person to work beside all those years.”

Mark joined the team in 1991 when Almar looked very different. After the recession of the late 1980s, Almar was getting back on its feet, looking for quality team members to work side by side with Terry. He has honed his skills over the year and now as Licensed Construction Supervisor he diligently works to make sure that every job is done right. With a real eye for detail, when asked what part of Remodeling he likes the best Mark told us “the finish work”. But he is truly good at all phases of Remodeling.

He lives in Whitman with his wife Jean and three kids, which keeps him very

The Caruso's, Jen's Team

The Caruso’s, Jen’s Team

busy when he’s not working. He enjoys attending all of his youngest sons sporting events – Baseball, Soccer, Karate and football. And whenever possible in the summer he likes to slip away to the quiet of the lake and disconnect from everything.

Mark is also an active member of Jen’s Team each year, which raises money for the Walk for MS. In 2016 he helped the team raise: $13,858.00

Over the last 25 years Almar has changed a lot, and Mark has had to change with us. Together we have weathered good times and bad, all the while working together to keep getting better, making projects run smoother, learning about business, remodeling and making great friends thru our clients and Almar family. We have been lucky to have him on our team and in our family. And we appreciate his leadership, support, and friendship throughout the years. We look forward to seeing what comes next for Mark.

Thank you Mark!

Craig Guido

With 20 years of remodeling experience both in the field and working in collaboration with homeowners to develop remodeling projects designed to fit your lifestyle.